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Fertility Tests


Reliable Performance

• High accuracy and specificity

• Easy to Use

• Store at 2-30℃

• 24 months shelf life

Product NameCatalog No.SpecimenTest FormatKit SizeCE mark
Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) TestHCG-U11UrineStrip50 pcs/boxCE
HCG-U11HStrip for Selftesting50 pcs/box
HCG-U23Device40 pcs/boxCE
HCG-U24HDevice for Selftesting40 pcs/box
HCG-U35Midstream1 pcs/box
HCG-U35HMidstream for Selftesting1 pcs/box
HCG-C11Urine/SerumStrip50 pcs/boxCE
HCG-C23Device40 pcs/boxCE
Luteinizing hormone (LH) TestLH-U11 UrineStrip50 pcs/boxCE
LH-U11HStrip for Selftesting50 pcs/box
LH-U23Device40 pcs/boxCE
LH-U24HDevice for Selftesting1 pcs/box
LH-U35Midstream1 pcs/box
LH-U35HMidstream for Selftesting1 pcs/box
Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) TestFSH-U11 UrineStrip50 pcs/boxCE
FSH-U23Device40 pcs/boxCE
FSH-U24HDevice for Selftesting1 pcs/box
FSH-U35HMidstream1 pcs/box


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